Our Mission

The Mission of our company is to become one of the national leaders in the realisation of Blockchain-based software, consultancies and development services, providing help to small and medium Italian companies and aiming to facilitate access to the benefits of Blockchain technology.

We are Libertax. We are leading Italian Blockchain innovation.

About LTX


A Blockchain is a public ledger, unalterable due to its shared nature, formed by a growing number of records, called blocks: it was originally used by Bitcoin but it’s still evolving.


Thanks to our tracking system it will be possible to trace the products, improving communication efficiency, making the processes faster and guaranteeing the origin of products.


Managing through Blockchain all the transactions concerning the products life cycle, customers will be able to ascertain the origin of purchased products using our tracking app.

Why do businesses need Blockchain?

Every business has to manage a lot of information, each and every day millions of transactions concerning products, orders, payments and much more get completed. The problem is that every node in the network handles information autonomously, exposing it to the risk of tampering or fraud. Blockchain systems avoid these risks by managing information with a single distributed ledger. Once a new transaction is added to the network by receiving consent from all the nodes, it is no longer editable and becomes visible to everyone. The advantages are related to security, transparency, cost reduction and transaction speed.

Our Products

You can click on either SOFTWARE or CONSULTING on the left menu to see the products we are currently offering. Libertax is selling Blockchain-based applications and consulting services for your business.

Our Team

  • Andrea Iacomino

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Student of Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University in Milan, has gained leadership and teamwork skills during his university career, as well as strong competences in the economic field, from the issues of business management to accounting.

  • Silvestro De Palma


    Consultant at Cozzolino GROUP in Torre del Greco, regarding preparation of invitations to tender. He works at R.D.R. s.r.l. as a manager of the supplier Office, support for the tenders Office, support for the drafting of economical offers and C.E.L. responsible.

  • Luca Dardano


    Programmer and developer of Blockchain technologies, experience in asymmetric cryptography and cryptanalysis. Excellent knowledge of C, C++, good knowledge of Java and Python. Currently studying Computer Science at Parthenope University in Naples.

  • Antonio Vecchione


    Programmer and developer of Blockchain technologies, three-year experience in cryptotrading and cryptomarketing, excellent knowledge of C, C++. Graduated in Business Information Systems, currently studying Computer Science at Parthenope University in Naples.